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9 Things You Can Do to Turn Your Smartphone Into a Self-Improvement Machine

Your smartphone is much more than a selfie device.

In 2017, there were 2.32 billion smartphone users around the world. Imagine if all of those smartphone users are using their mobile devices as self-improvement machines. The world will be a better place for sure! The good news is, it’s not too late to put your smartphones to good use than taking selfies and watching cat videos.

Here are 9 things you can do to turn your smartphone into a self-improvement machine:

Use your smartphone to read self-improvement eBooks and blogs.

Instead of mindlessly browsing social media, checking the latest happenings in the lives of the celebrities and your friends, why not use your time to read self-improvement eBooks and blogs that will help you become a better person?

Use your smartphone to listen to self-improvement audiobooks and podcasts.

On your way to your office, school, or home, don’t just watch cat videos or share non-sense posts on social media. Instead, listen to audiobooks and podcasts that will help you learn or improve a particular skill or personal trait.

Use your smartphone to take online courses.

Speaking of learning a new skill or improving a personal trait, you can also use your smartphone to take online courses aside from reading eBooks, blogs, and listening to audiobooks and podcasts.

Use your smartphone to expand your network.

Use your smartphone to expand your network and meet people that will allow you to do collaborative work. This will allow you to slowly but surely increase your circle of professional network that will open new doors of opportunities for you. Don’t just mindlessly browse social media for nothing.

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Use your smartphone to manage your finances.

You can download tons of personal finance and budgeting apps that can help you track and manage your income and expenses. This way, you can have an overview of what’s happening with your personal finances and take control over your money.

Use your smartphone to learn new skills.

Learn a new language, learn how to cook, or learn how to fix a simple car problem. Whatever you want and need to learn, you can use your smartphone to do just that.

Use your smartphone to play brain games.

There are tons of mobile games that you can download into your smartphone that will enable you to improve your brain functionality while enjoying the challenge and experience of a video game.

Use your smartphone to spread inspiration and motivation.

You can record yourself talking about inspirational and motivational things or you can create a text image that you can share on social media that contains positive and encouraging messages to your network.

Use your smartphone to start and manage your business.

You can use your smartphone to import products, take photos of your products, and eventually sell your products on your online store and make some money either on the side or full time.

Your smartphone is more than a selfie and streaming device. It can become a self-improvement machine that can help you develop your own self by learning a new skill, spreading inspiration and motivation, expanding your network, and even starting and managing your own business.


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