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5 Reasons Why Your Company and Personal Brand Is Not Getting the Attention It Deserves

Here's why you are not getting any attention and what you can do about it.

Whether you are running a business of “you” or you are leading the charge of a startup or business, building a brand is vital to your success. A brand distinguishes and separates a person or a business from its competitors.

If you are wondering why your business and personal brand isn’t taking off, here are five reasons and how you can fix them:

You are not willing to learn (and work).

You need to have the right skills and knowledge in order to build a brand. Your business and personal brand isn’t taking off because you are not willing to learn about brand building and you are not prepared to put in the work required to build a long-lasting brand.

If you are serious about your business and personal brand, learn the basics of brand building by reading books, taking online courses, and attending seminars. Once you have the right skills and knowledge in building your brand, it’s time to work.

You are not taking advantage of social media.

You only see social media as a means to connect with friends, family, and colleagues. Social media is much more than that. You can reach potential clients and customers and you can build a community through social media if done correctly.

Build professional looking Facebook Page, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile, and other social networking sites that are useful for the brand you are building and start connecting with your audience to build an online community.


You think social media is enough.

Most people who are winning when it comes to brand building on social media think it’s enough. However, if you are serious about building a brand, don’t forget to build your other online assets aside from your social media accounts.

If you are building a business and personal brand, do you have a professionally designed website? If you are selling your products or services online, do you have a user-friendly eCommerce site? Social media isn’t enough. You need to fire on all cylinders if you want to build a brand with solid followers.

You are not producing free valuable contents for your audience.

People follow businesses and personalities who are experts in their own industries. They want to learn and receive valuable information from the brands they are following. If you are not producing free valuable contents that your followers and community can consume and enjoy and you are wondering why you are not getting the attention you are aiming for, you need to get serious when it comes to your content marketing efforts.

Produce contents, whether it’s a blog, an image post, or a free eBook or online course, and share it with your audience. Share your knowledge, experience, and expertise through contents and your audience will surely appreciate it and will be coming back for more.

You have the “build it and they will come” mentality.

Unfortunately, building a business is just the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey. Thinking that people will come running to you with arms wide open after you’ve perfected your product or service is a vital ingredient to business failure.

Sure, it is important that you build the perfect product or service for your customers and clients, but you also need to work on your branding and sales skills. Make sure that your target audience is aware that your business, product, or service exists through careful sales, marketing, and branding efforts.

Attention is a currency and opportunity we can’t afford to miss as business people. If we aspire to become successful business people, we need to get out of obscurity, take the spotlight and aim it at ourselves and our businesses through creative and well-thought branding and marketing efforts.


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