5 Things You Need to Do to Dominate Your Game and Become a Top Performer

Achieve your full potential with these five things.

Everyone wants to dominate their own game and become a top performer in their industry. However, achieving success and reaching the top requires unparalleled commitment, dedication, perseverance, and hard work.

Here are five things that you can apply in your life to dominate your game and become a top performer in your own league:

Develop your own personal philosophy.

A philosophy acts as a guide on how you live your life. Without a personal philosophy, you have no voice. You will just get with the flow and let life happen to you. If you want to achieve the top in your career and your own life, develop a personal philosophy that will guide how you will run your own business and life.

You can develop your personal philosophy by identifying the reason behind your existence, what emotions drive your actions and decisions, important beliefs in your life, and the meaning of success in your own life.

Step out of your comfort zone.

You hear this a lot but the truth is, no one wants to step outside of their comfort zones. However, time and again, the greats in business and in life proved that success can only be found outside our comfort zones.

We all want to operate within our self-imposed limitations because we don’t want to take the risk of failing. We think that if we perform within our comfort zone, we have less chance of doing things the wrong way. The truth is, in business and in life, there are no right answers. There’s just strategy, execution, and iteration.

Develop the habit of positive thinking.

Positive thinking is simply shifting your focus from the bad things to the good things in life. You recently experienced a huge failure in your career? Take all the lessons that you can get from the bad things and focus on the good things about what happened.

The worst thing that you can do is ignore your negative thoughts. Developing a positive mindset is all about acknowledging where your negative thoughts are coming from and doing your best to focus on the good things in life.


Be driven and mindful.

Without the drive to succeed, we will produce mediocre results. If you want to dominate your own game and become a top performer in your industry, you need to be driven to the point that you are willing to push yourself harder than ever before.

However, keep in mind that being driven is not enough. You also need to be mindful when to pause and revisit your goals and action plans. Being single-mindedly driven can make you blind to some things that you need to be aware of like being burned out or overly aggressive and risky.

Be driven yet be mindful so you can avoid the pitfalls that you may encounter while you are trying to dominate your game.

Rest and recover. 

Learn when to hit pause to rest your mind and body and recover. Recovery and resting are important if you want to dominate your game for a very long time. Giving your one hundred percent performance and commitment will take a lot of time, energy, effort, and focus and that will burn you out. Set a time for rest and recovery so you can give your mind and body a break that it will need during your journey to achieving success.

Life is all about achieving success. I don’t believe that we exist in this world to work and pay bills. It is our duty and responsibility to become successful so we can provide value to the world we are living in.


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