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The Art of Pressing Forward

The only way to achieve massive success in business and in life is by pressing forward.

Most people fool themselves by believing that there’s a secret formula to breaking free from mediocrity and achieving high levels of success. There’s none.

The only way to live a massively successful and fulfilling life is to press forward in the face of uncertainty, challenges, obstacles, and never-ending problems.

Here are a few actionable steps that you can take to keep pressing forward no matter what:

Learn from the greats.

It’s important to know that you are not alone, that someone had already accomplished what you’re trying to achieve. The best way to do this is to study the greats in your industry. Planning to become a real estate magnate? Study the real estate greats that started from nothing. Dreaming of becoming an import/export tycoon? Learn how the best in this industry had achieved their success.

Set major goals.

Achieving minor and easy goals won’t get you anywhere. If you want to achieve high stations in life, you need to set major goals. Massive goals will give you the inspiration and motivation to keep pressing forward no matter what.

Break major goals into small actionable steps and milestones.

Setting major goals could be overwhelming. To avoid feeling overwhelmed and to remove any doubts about your goals, break them into small actionable steps and milestones. This way, you will be able to slowly but surely crush your major goals by achieving smaller milestones.

Never forget your “why”.

You’ve started your business for a reason. No matter what it is, never forget why you got started. In the face of great challenges and obstacles, your “why” will give you the strength that you’ll need to keep pressing forward.


Do something that will take you one step closer to your goals.

We all hear a lot of success gurus preaching about doing massive actions every single day in your life. In reality, you will experience slow days in your business career. That’s fine as long as you’ll do something that will take you one step closer to your goals no matter how small it is. The goal is to keep pressing forward and to avoid falling into idleness that leads to mediocrity.

Don’t be afraid to experience failure.

Most of us are so afraid of failure. We see it as a negative thing while in reality, failure is life’s simplest and most effective feedback mechanism. You failed in launching a product on time? Instead of blaming yourself or your team, why not find the reason why you failed and do your best to avoid it next time? Failed to meet the expectations of your clients and customers? Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, why not discover why you failed and use the data you’ll gather to improve yourself on your next attempt?

Visualize your future.

Visualize your future even in the face of uncertainty and doubt. What kind of life are you trying to build for yourself and your family? What kind of business are you trying to create for your customers and clients? No matter how hard your current situation is, never forget to visualize the possibilities that are ahead of you.

Trust yourself.

The art of pressing forward is all about trusting and believing in yourself. All of the actionable steps that I’ve mentioned will be useless if you don’t have self-belief. If there is a person who can accomplish what you are trying to achieve, it is you.

We will all face challenges, obstacles, uncertainties, and doubts while we are trying to build our dream businesses and lifestyles. It is up to us to keep pressing forward and not to accept the alternative route of giving up.



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