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6 Truths That Separate Successful Entrepreneurs From the Wannabes

Almost everyone calls themselves entrepreneurs and founders nowadays. Here's what separates the successful ones from the wannabes.

The internet is full of individuals with YouTube channels claiming to be a successful entrepreneur. They flash their supercars, huge mansions, and piles of cash to encourage their viewers to attend their webinars or take their online courses so they can make seven figures in just seven days too.

Don’t be fooled.

Here are seven truths that separate successful entrepreneurs from the wannabes:

Successful entrepreneurs take massive actions daily while wannabes constantly plan and overanalyze.

The first step in starting a business is to develop a plan. However, successful entrepreneurs know that plans won’t work unless they do. While wannabes are constantly planning, tweaking, and overanalyzing, the successful entrepreneur has already done tons of actual work to expand his business.

Successful entrepreneurs are busy running their businesses while wannabes are busy showing off.

The only way to become a successful entrepreneur is through hard and smart work. If you run a real business, then you know that it will consume a lot of your time, energy, and focus, regardless if you have a team helping you out. Successful entrepreneurs are busy doing real work. On the other hand, wannabes are busy filming their supercars, their mansions, their offices, and how they “work”.

Successful entrepreneurs produce results while wannabes make promises.

Because successful entrepreneurs are so busy doing real work, they produce real-world results—slowly but surely. Wannabes, on the other hand, are busy showing off their “success” so they can sell their products, webinars, and courses that all they produce are big promises.


Successful entrepreneurs have grit and resilience while wannabes are quitters.

Successful entrepreneurs work for a greater goal. That’s why they can build a focused and passionate team around them. And because successful entrepreneurs have big goals, they don’t quit easily. Instead, they understand that failure is part of the journey of being an entrepreneur. Wannabes don’t understand this truth. That’s why they don’t have the capacity to carry on when they face constant challenges, setbacks, and temporary failures.

Successful entrepreneurs are mission-driven while wannabes focus on fame and wealth.

Successful entrepreneurs build businesses because they want to change the world and provide value to their customers and clients. They are driven by a mission that is bigger than fame or wealth. Because wannabes only see the fame and wealth side of entrepreneurship, they build their businesses around these foundations.

Successful entrepreneurs create an environment where their teams win while wannabes work hard to be the center of everything they do.

Successful entrepreneurs know the importance of their teams. Without them, making their visions a reality will be difficult. That’s why successful entrepreneurs build an environment that will allow their teams to flourish. The wannabes, on the other hand, treat their teams as their minions. They simply disregard the importance of helping their teams and setting them up for success.

Successful entrepreneurs are good managers and delegators while wannabes are clueless managers.

Successful entrepreneurs know how to manage their teams and their businesses. Because successful entrepreneurs know their teams well, they delegate tasks based on their teams’ strengths that make them more productive and efficient. On the other hand, wannabes don’t spend the time to know their team members well. Therefore, when there is a task that needs to be done, they simply throw them to their team regardless if they have the skills to complete the task or not.

As an entrepreneur building your own business, it’s easy to do what wannabes do. But being aware of their bad habits can help us become mindful and avoid their mistakes along the way.



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