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5 Legit Ways Full-Time Moms Can Earn Extra Income

Turn your extra time and skills into an income stream.

Full-time moms are admirable and should be given an award. We’re sacrificing our career to take care of our children and our home. It’s great, but we’re all aware that choosing to be one impacts the household financially. We have to be ready to make big adjustments to our household budget. We can do that not just by saving, but also by adding income through creative ways instead of a traditional employment.

Since we’re living in the digital age, it easier to find a part-time job online; however, it’s hard to find a legitimate one. So we’ve listed legit ways a full-time mom can earn extra income:

Write a blog.

If you have a hobby you always share with your friends, you can write a blog about it. Blogs give you a perfect opportunity to share your ideas and experiences about your interests on a digital platform.

You can create your blog using a free platform from, but you’ll need to pay a small amount to have your blog hosted.

It will give you a chance to earn money later on once you’ve built enough following from advertising, sponsored posts, affiliates, and many other ways. You’re free to decide which ads and products to feature on your blog and where to place them.

It’s fun sharing your experience creatively and earning some money in the process.

Create an online store.

Do you have a business idea, or are you already selling things on your social media accounts? Why not create your own online store? It would be more professional and setting it up doesn’t require a big investment of both your time and money.

You can start your own Shopify store and sell your products online. You can make a decent part-time or full-time income if you have your own online storefront.

Sell your old stuff.

Do you have things in your house like books, electronic gadgets, and appliances lying around and collecting dust because you don’t use them anymore? Turn them into cash by selling them online. You can post your item on Facebook Marketplace.

To sell an item in Marketplace:

  • Click Marketplace in the left column of your Facebook News Feed.
  • Click + Sell Something.
  • Enter info (example: the item, price, your location, a category, and description).
  • Click Add Photos to upload a photo of your item from your computer and then click Post.

Once you’re selling an item, tap Selling in the top left of Marketplace to keep track of the items you’re selling and the conversations you’re having with buyers. Be sure to check their Marketplace guidelines.

You’ll be able to clear out your space of old items you no longer use and earn extra cash from them.


Rent out your extra space.

Establishing passive income in real estate doesn’t have to start with a huge investment. If you have an extra room you’re willing to share, you can list your space through Airbnb.

Listing your space is free and easy. You just describe your space, how many guests you can accommodate, and add photos and details. Their pricing tool can recommend competitive rates, but what you charge is always up to you. You can also set custom prices to earn more during popular travel seasons! Their support team is available 24 hours a day, and every eligible booking is covered by their Host Guarantee at no additional cost to you.

Guests are charged before arrival, and you are paid automatically after check-in, minus a 3% service fee. You can be paid via PayPal, direct deposit, or international money wire, among other ways. Plus, you get to meet people and share your home with them.

Get a part-time at homework.

If you have a skill that could help you earn extra money like blogging, proofreading, language teaching, tutoring, etc., you can apply to freelancing sites and offer your services there. There are many websites where you can find gigs that wouldn’t take much of your time while being a full-time mom.

Evaluate the skills you already possess and consider putting them to use to earn additional money.

There are limitless possibilities! With some effort and creativity, you can earn extra income even when you’re a full-time mom. These are just a few of the ways you could get started, and ones that full-time moms out there have tried and have worked for them.


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