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Click-and-Mortar and the Rise of a New Breed of Merchants

As more brands shift into the click-and-mortar business model, a new breed of merchants rises.

Click-and-mortar is a type of business model that uses both online and physical operations, which typically includes a physical storefront and an eCommerce website. A brand that uses the click-and-mortar business model has the advantage of offering fast and convenient online shopping and the traditional face-to-face interaction with its customers.

Businesses shifting from online-only or brick-and-mortar-only stores into click-and-mortar companies can now offer shopping experiences customers haven’t seen before. The click-and-mortar business model requires a new breed of merchants that possess the traits of a successful brick-and-mortar store owner and the technological prowess of an online-only merchant.

Here are the traits that you, as a merchant, need to have to succeed in the click-and-mortar business model:

Savvy with technology.

Combining the business models of the old and new way of selling products requires you as a merchant to have a strong grasp of technology. Technology is simply a tool that we all use to make our lives easier. The same principle applies when it comes to selling your products.

If you are a brick-and-mortar store owner who wants to shift into the click-and-mortar model, you need to build your knowledge and be comfortable working with the latest innovations in technology and commerce and use them to your advantage.

Oriented towards sales.

With the rise of online shopping, the practice of “showrooming” increases. A new breed of click-and-mortar merchants knows how to turn this shopping practice to their advantage by letting customers purchase through the store’s website while inside the brick-and-mortar store and reward them with discounts in return. Sales-oriented click-and-mortar merchants should arm themselves and their employees with special discount codes specifically created for this kind of shopping experience. This will help click-and-mortar merchants secure sales, encourage customers to shop online for their next purchase and provide a better shopping experience to their customers.


Oriented towards customer experience.

Running a click-and-mortar store means your business exists in two distinct worlds—physical and virtual. An experience-oriented merchant knows the importance of maintaining the same brand voice and the same shopping experience to their customers whether they are shopping at your physical store or through your online store.

An experience-oriented click-and-mortar merchant also knows how to provide added value to its customers by creating social events focused on making their shopping experience a lot better. Whether it is a seminar about how to better use your products or a short class about new product features, a click-and-mortar merchant should know how to leverage social events that enhance customers’ experience with your brand.

Competent and creative with modern and traditional marketing.

Combining the two worlds of online and physical shopping, click-and-mortar merchants should be competent and creative in both modern and traditional marketing. In today’s world of technology, click-and-mortar business owners can now take advantage of the benefits of digital marketing while still being competent in traditional marketing like print, broadcast, and word-of-mouth.

As more brands transition into the click-and-mortar business model, the need for a new breed of merchants increases. If you are a business owner who wants to successfully operate under the click-and-mortar model, the key is to be competent in both worlds of physical and online selling.


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