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4 Unique eCommerce Business Ideas You Can Start Today

Tired of wasting time and money building a drop shipping business? Here are four unique eCommerce ideas you can start today!

When we hear the word “Shopify” or “eCommerce”, drop shipping easily comes to our minds. However, drop shipping isn’t technically a business idea. Instead, it is a fulfillment method.

So, instead of joining thousands of people already drop shipping fashion items and smartphone cases and accessories, consider these four unique eCommerce business ideas that you can start today:

Sell Smart Home Products

The Internet of Things (IoT) is spreading its popularity on a global scale. Instead of selling smartphones, smartwatches, or even smart rings, why not consider selling smart home products that will allow your customers to connect parts of their homes to the internet? This will give your customers the capability to manage their home’s features like security, lighting, and even their appliances anywhere in the world.


Sell Subscription Boxes

If you are passionate about hairstyle, why not sell subscription boxes that contains hairstyle products? Or if you are passionate about healthy living, why not sell subscription diet meals?

Selling subscription boxes gives you the advantage of securing customers in the long run through subscription. When a customer subscribes to your product for a year, then you already secured a customer for the next 12 months—giving you the data that you can use to determine how much products you need to make in advance.

Sell Delivery Services

Sure, there are lots of startups offering food, beverage, and even grocery delivery services online through their websites and mobile apps. However, there are a lot of products out there that you can deliver to your customers’ doorsteps. You can consider delivering pet food, vitamins & medicines, petrol products, car batteries & parts, and many more.

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Sell Digital Products

Are you a musician? Then sell your songs online. Are you an expert in a specific field? Then you can sell your eBooks and digital courses in your eCommerce store. Are you an app or game developer? Then start selling your apps and video games directly from your site. There are a lot of digital products that you can sell online that will give you a good return on your investment.

Drop shipping common products not only gives you little control over the quality of the products you are selling. You also put yourself in a tough spot because you are competing against tens of thousands of other drop shipping merchants who sell common goods online. With these four unique eCommerce business ideas, you can separate yourself from the crowded world of eCommerce.


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