Magnates Spotlight

Magnate Spotlight: Alfred Cardenas

The man behind Magnate Media.

In our very first Magnate Spotlight series, we’ll take a closer look at the life of a serial entrepreneur, investor, author, and the man behind Magnate Media, Alfred Cardenas.

Alfred Cardenas was born in Guiguinto, Bulacan to a small and simple family. His father, Alberto Cardenas, is a used car dealer while his mother, Ma. Anita Cardenas, is a supporting and loving housewife.

He spent his early childhood in Guiguinto, Bulacan before the whole family moved to Rizal Province where Alfred spent his high school and college days. During his high school days, Alfred discovered his passion for sports where he played football, boxing, and taekwondo representing his school and municipality.

College & Alfred’s First Venture

12829541_10201468208783577_6950472979082710066_oHe took Information Technology at STI College but dropped out of college to pursue a career in the BPO industry. After working for more than four years in the outsourcing sector, Alfred decided to start his very first venture, an online retail company focused on selling football gears.

Selling football gears to a basketball-loving country looks like a risky move. But Alfred saw an underserved market.

As a football fan who occassional plays whenever I find the time, shopping for brand new and authentic football gears used to be difficult in the Philippines in 2015. Starting a football-focused retail company looks like a risky move on my part, but I saw a market that needs to be served.

Two months after starting his first venture, Alfred left his day job as a call center representative to become a full-time entrepreneur.

It was a scary yet exciting day for me. Leaving the “security” of having a day job to become a full-time entrepreneur is one of the boldest decisions of my life.

Getting Deep in Business

Using his experience in building a successful online store, Alfred started his second venture, A+C Media, an eCommerce development agency.

The mission of A+C Media is to help merchants from around the world take advantage of the latest innovations in technology and commerce. Since 2015 until today, we are staying true to our purpose as an agency.

And because A+C Media stays true to its purpose of helping merchants adapt to today’s ever-changing technology, they slowly began to get traction. In 2017, A+C Media become a Shopify Partners and Google Partner agency.

I am very thrilled that Shopify, the tool that I’ve been using to run my own eCommerce store, recognized us as one of their partners.

Today, A+C Media has built 30+ stores for merchants from 14 different countries from around the world.

Empowering the Modern Magnates

Because of his passion for entrepreneurship and helping entrepreneurs from around the world, Alfred founded Magnate Media.

My businesses are still young. There are still a lot of challenges and obstacles ahead of me and I’ll take all the help and motivation that I can get in order to become a successful entrepreneur. That’s why I started Magnate Media. The goal is to empower the modern and upcoming magnates worldwide through insightful, actionable, and motivational contents.


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